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Penning 5: Tortoises, storytelling and photo-journalism

This blog follows Pennings 3 and 4 and is based on learnings in a webinar that I participated in last month; see the details in earlier posts.

Mistake #7 – Not being an early adopter.

Association and not-for-profit staff, as mentioned, have been slow on the uptake of social media. If you do not intend to engage immediately or are still developing your strategy – at least reserve your name, so that when you do get “out there”, your brand is yours – not someone else’s.
Mistake #8 – Not blogging.

Often times NFPs and associations that have become engaged in social media are missing out on one key piece – blogging. Nothing helps you tell your story better than a well-written blog. There are numerous blogging tools and they’re simple to use. And if you think blogging once a week is good – not so. According to measurement stats, anything older than three days isn’t getting you anything – accept perhaps resentment that your blog is old!

What blogs do you follow? Why? If you aren’t already reading blogs – start! And if you are reading, find what appeals to you as a reader. What works? What doesn’t?

Mistake #9

Not building your digital library.

With most phones having the capability of taking pictures, you really have no excuse for not being able to capture moments in your association’s life.

Social media managers need to think of themselves as reporters for their NFP. These images will help you  tell your story. Chances are you do events? Or conferences? Or stakeholder recognition of some kind? Capture these moments. That being said… spontaneous activity is hard to catch and you have a limited opportunity to do – but make sure the photo is more than a black square and that there are identifiable objects within! If you know you are holding an event, have someone from your organization designated as a photographer – so that spontaneous and planned photo opps stand a better chance of being captured.

I’m an amateur photographer – so I will try to use some of my own photos in my blogs. With apps like Instagram it’s easy for anyone to make content that looks interesting.

And, if you’re thinking about #8 – blogs look better (see mistake #2 – good design) with illustrations and make a whole lot of text easier on the eye.

So… this is the end of part 3; the final three points of this four-part blog post will be posted tomorrow. Hope you’ll come back!


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