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Pennings 6: the final three and a wrap

This is the final blog post summarizing the content of a webinar I attended on the 12 mistakes that non-for-profits make make in social media given by Heather Mansfield, owner of DIOSA Communications. Earlier Pennings (3, 4, 5) refer to the other 9.

Mistake #10 – Having unrealistic job descriptions.

There is no question, social media takes time. It takes skill. It is not fair to simply add it to someone’s already-full plate… and we all know NFP staff plates are usually full. If you can’t think now about adding staff, start to think about it for next year’s budget. If you’re doing things according to a plan, you must have some monies that are going to be freed up due to lessening print costs via SoMed? (think newsletters, annual reports, etc.).

Mistake #11 – Ignoring the mobile web.

This is one of the fastest growing trends. In fact, some are calling it Web 3.0 – the mobile web. Smartphones now outsell PCs and soon the same will be said about tablets. Take a look at your website on a phone – how does it look? Not so pretty? Is it time to rethink it with the help of an expert?

Mistake #12 – Not tracking the return on investment (ROI) of your social media efforts.

If you have entered in the social media space, do you know what tools are working for you? Is it Facebook? Is it Google+? Is it Twitter? Other?

If nothing else, keep a simple Excel spreadsheet that notes each month what your website traffic is; and what your blog traffic is. How many Facebook fans have you gained? Have your events attracted more attendees – why? If the numbers on any of your stats are not growing, something is wrong. The key is recording it on a regular basis so that you can start studying the results to know what’s working and what’s not.

I know. There’s a lot to consider here. My hope was that by splitting the content into bite-size segments, it would be easier to digest.

Each and every one of us in not-for-profits are challenged each and every day by what’s on our plate – both in terms of what we have to accomplish and by what we have to know about our area of expertise.

My intent in generating this content summary is to help you get a handle on some of the common pitfalls that other not-for-profits are making and to assist you as you consider (or consider growing) your presence within the social media space.

As part of my ongoing listening, I thought the content and the time spent on this webinar were well worth it and hope that the summary that I have provided helps you as you think about your own social media presence – now or in the (not-too-distant) future.


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